Medycyna Sportowa
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Volume 33, 2017
Volume 32, 2016
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Volume 15, 1999
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Medycyna Sportowa / The Polish Journal of Sports Medicine (Polish J Sport Med) is a peer-reviewed medical journal publishing original scientific papers based on authorial research, as well as review and opinion articles and case studies involving the broadly conceived interdisciplinary specialty of sports medicine. The Advisory Board includes specialists from many countries around the world, representing various medical specialties, a guarantee of the high scientific quality of the papers published. 

Polish J Sport Med is published quarterly, and is also available in electronic form at Journal included in List B of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education as well as in Index Copernicus, SPORTDiscus, Sports Documentation Monthly Bulletin, Central and Eastern European Academic Source and Polish Medical Bibliography (GBL). Papers are published in English and Polish.

The editors of Polish J Sport Med endorse the principles embodied in the Helsinki Declaration and expect that all research involving humans has been performed in accordance with these principles. For animal experimentation reported in the journal, it is expected that investigators will have observed the Interdisciplinary Principles and Guidelines for the Use of Animals in Research, Testing, and Education issued by the New York Academy of Sciences’ Adhoc Committee on Animal Research. All human and animal studies must have been approved by the chief investigator’s institutional review board. Authors are requested to include a copy of the relevant documentation with the submitted manuscript. 


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